Coated aluminium coil

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Pingyin hengshun aluminium co., LTD., production, processing and sales, and independent export aluminum coil. Aluminum alloy volume production.? Antirust aluminum alloy coil. Aluminum coil. Aluminum coil, pipeline anticorrosion insulation aluminum alloy coil, pipeline anticorrosion insulation aluminum skin, generous volumes. Aluminum alloy tensile alloy aluminum coil. Hot rolled generous alloy aluminum coil, anti-rust aluminum coil, aluminum and magnesium, manganese alloy aluminum coil, aluminum alloy coating volume, power plant. Chemical pipeline anticorrosion insulation aluminum alloy volume. Kraft paper pattern alloy aluminum coil, hot rolled alloy aluminum coil, caitu alloy aluminum coil, fluorocarbon caitu alloy aluminum coil, caitu aluminum coil, transformer aluminum belt production, sign aluminium strip.

Material of 1060.1070, 1100114 volumes of 3003 aluminum alloy aluminum alloy volume production, and 3 a21 aluminum alloy, 3004 aluminum alloy, 3105 aluminum alloy volume production, the department of 5005 aluminum alloy volume, 5052 aluminum alloy coil, 5083 volumes of 6061606 aluminum alloy 3 series 7 series 8011 series?

The thickness of 0.10 mm - 400 mm?

The width of the 50 mm - 1900 mm

Among them: pipeline anticorrosion insulation special alloy aluminum coil material? 3003? LF21 3 a21 thickness width of 0.2 to 3.0 years, 1000-1900 national and provincial key projects such as qilu petrochemical, zou power plant, shandong stone cross power plant, the yellow plants, chiping electric utility, longkou power plant, charged thermal power plant, thermal power plant, shengli oilfield zaozhuang, zibo, linyi plant, daqing oilfield, zhongyuan oilfield, xinjiang xinhua chemical guodian I power plant, huaneng power plant, Shanghai waigaoqiao power plant, huaian, lianyungang nuclear power station such as the user has established stable long-term business relationship with our company.

Address: shandong jinan development zone for three mile from west of pingyin county Zip code: 250400;

Telephone: 0531-87851528. 0531-87855618. 0531-87853528

Fax: 0531-87853528

Contact: Qi (qi) sensitive business manager

Mobile: 13705413981, 15254197968

Coated aluminium coil产品热销城市:湖南,湖北,四川,山西,内蒙古
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