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Corrugated aluminum mold models are as follows: 
Thickness: 0.3-1.5mm, 
Material: 1060 3003 3004 3A21 models: (1) YX35-125-750 (V125 type); (2) YX25-205-820 type; (3) YX25-210-840 type; (4) YX18-63.5-850 (arc); (5) YX12-100-880 type; (6) YX15-225-900; (7) 812 aluminum watts (8) YX14-63.5-825 (9) YX18-76.2-836 (curved) (10) YX35-240-960 (11) XY-22-18.5-860 (12) YX35-125-900 (13) YX25-248-992 (14) YX76-344-688 (15) YX76-344-688 (16) YX51-240-720 (17) YX11-130-910 (18) YX54-420-840 (19) YX54-410-820 (20) YX25-205-1025 (21) YX30-75-780 type by Kaiping length to customer requirements of various specifications! Because we are professionals, so do please rest assured that the quality of products! 
Ping Yin Hengshun Aluminum Co. corrugated aluminum production, aluminum production-pressure, pressure-type corrugated aluminum production, painted-pressure aluminum production, the plant-specific-pressure alloy aluminum, corrugated-pressure aluminum production, pressure-type aluminum, V125-750 type-pressure aluminum, 900 water-pressure aluminum corrugated roof painted-pressure aluminum, corrugated-pressure aluminum, peritoneal-pressure aluminum, water ripples corrugated aluminum production-pressure sales and export independently. 
Thickness of 0.3-1.5, corrugated aluminum-pressure-pressure model professional production of corrugated aluminum, painted corrugated aluminum-pressure, chemical-specific compression type corrugated aluminum, peritoneal painted corrugated aluminum-pressure, pressure-type corrugated roofing special painted aluminum, corrugated pressed aluminum alloy. 
Thickness of 0.3-1.5, corrugated-pressure aluminum models, the water ripples corrugated aluminum-pressure YX35-125-750, YX23-210-840, YX12-100-880, YX14-65-850, YX25-205-820, YX15-225 -900 
Corrugated-pressure aluminum alloy. Corrugated aluminum-pressure water ripples. Painted corrugated aluminum-pressure, pressure-type corrugated aluminum, corrugated-pressure aluminum plant-specific, pressure-type alloy aluminum, corrugated aluminum special exhibition pavilion-pressure pre-painted aluminum, pressed aluminum alloy, painted-pressure aluminum alloy, aluminum cable tray special, and according to customer requirements of non-calibrated ruler aluminum. Our products are widely used in construction, packaging, air conditioning, and other industries, but also used in power plants, chemical and petrochemical plants, such as anti-corrosion insulation used. Products exported to America, Africa and Southeast Asian countries, the company timely delivery, low price and good service. Common specifications with the cash; special sizes can be customized according to customer requirements processing, delivery time: 10 days or so. 

Address: Jinan City, Shandong Province, three miles west of Pingyin County Development Zone Zip Code: 250400; 
Phone: 0531-87851528.0531-87855618 .0531-87853528 
Fax: 0531-87853528 
Contact: Qi (qi) sensitive business manager 
Mobile: 13705413981, 15254197968 
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