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Corrugated aluminium plate is a new type of composite aluminum curtain wall materials using 0.6 0.8 mm panel floor between 0.2 0.4 mm mm corrugated aluminium plate in accordance with adhesive, hot in corrugated core material surface coating curing epoxy resin adhesive, heating of pressurized composite aluminum plate products, its means of compound similar to the form of corrugated carton board. In front of the corrugated aluminium fabrication and installation key points, let's learn together.

Used in construction of corrugated aluminum sheet curtain wall decoration and outer wall enclosure type, namely buildings outside itself has the wall or in the installation of corrugated aluminum sheet curtain wall, besides itself to building adornment effect also for the building envelope. The curtain wall itself requires a better resistance to wind pressure, water tightness, resistance and weather resistance sealing systems.

Corrugated aluminum sheet curtain wall in response to construction drawing check before installation, and retest should be made for the building according to the measured results to adjust the original design rear can processing and assembly. Processing and adopted by the set of all, machines should be able to meet the requirements of machining precision, the measuring tool should be metrological verification on a regular basis.

Corrugated aluminum curtain wall plate type control: segmentation direction consistent, must pay attention to the plank coating processing should also consider its ability to resist the wind deformation. Main curtain wall plate under wind load, its ability to resist wind load deformation depends on the plate thickness and aspect ratio and the distance between support and support conditions, etc. If the elevation of the corrugated aluminium segmentation is too big, its thickness size and width compared to the size of the two directions, the board face under prescribed by ritual law is easy to the deflection deformation, influence the curtain wall integral effect. If the improper design, still can make plastic deformation in the panel.

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