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Coated aluminium coil its performance is very stable, not easily corroded, the surface after special treatment can reach 30 years quality assurance, the weight of per unit volume is the lightest metal materials, caitu aluminum, which is one of the most popular new profiles. Today small make up to you to introduce the characteristics of coated aluminium coil.

Coated aluminium coil smoothness, surface composite high temperature creasing. Surface residual stress, shear deformation.

Decorative: painted wood, stone, there is a realistic physical texture, with fresh natural aesthetic feeling. Design freely and to do, give customers a wide range of individual choice, can enrich humanities connotation of products, give people more beauty to enjoy.

Coated aluminium coil weathering: coating, high temperature baking and pattern of the lacquer that bake, high gloss remain, and the color stability is good, color difference changes little. Polyester paint quality assurance for 10 years, fluorocarbon lacquer quality more than 20 years.

Mechanical: selects the high quality aluminum, plastic and adhesive, the use of advanced composite technology. The product is needed for decorating plate bending, flexural strength, in the four seasons climate condition, the change of wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors, will not cause bending and deformation, expansion, etc.

Environmental: resistance to salt corrosion of acid rain, its germ corrosion will not live, don't release any poisonous gas, cause no keel and fixed a rust, flame retardancy. According to the regulations of the state, not less than B1 level.

Small make up: LMN