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Only in daily life are prepared for antirust aluminium alloy volume of maintenance work, to ensure the security of the antirust aluminum alloy volume efficient use. Antirust alloy aluminum coil is our company's main product, widely used in buildings. Because of the antirust aluminum alloy roll to oxidation, need to strengthen the maintenance of antirust aluminum alloy volume. The following article is detailed to introduce for everybody antirust aluminium alloy roll maintenance matters:

1, antirust aluminium alloy roll in the process of transportation, must be cover good with tarpaulin, protected from the rain and snow. Must ensure that the material on the surface of the oxide film and coating is not damaged, choose qualified cement, sand, at the same time.

2, storage environment should be dry, bright, ventilated, non-corrosive climate. During storage, moistureproof its bottom must use stow-wood and off the ground, keep distance with the ground more than 10 cm.

3, with no chemical materials and wet materials are stored together. Antirust aluminium alloy volume after processed into the door, window, with a clean cloth and neutral cleaning on a regular basis.

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