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Corrugated aluminium plate is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, large-span steel structure roofing, wall and external decoration of the house, etc. Corrugated aluminium plate (corrugated aluminum plate), have qualitative light, high strength, color rich, convenient construction, earthquake, fire prevention, waterproof, long life and free maintenance etc, has been widely applied. Below small make up for everybody to explain the advantages of corrugated aluminum plate.

1. The quality of corrugated aluminum light, density is only a third of the steel. The same thickness calculation to the price of every square, the price of steel and aluminum.

2. Corrugated aluminum easy to processing molding, construction convenient, greatly reduce the strength of construction

3. Beautiful, generous, air, heat preservation outside decoration is made with aluminum skin, bright visual effect is very good, package is on the line after the visual on the whole.

4. Long service life, aluminum corrosion resistant performance is good, shelf life in more than 15 years.

5. High recycling value, iron corrosion will rot used a few years later, almost no recycle value, but the aluminum coil (aluminum skin) because of its corrosion resistance, furnace after recycling value is much higher. At least can recycle more than 80%.

6. Widely used in oil refinery plant chemical pharmaceutical factory and so on heat preservation engineering!

Small make up: LMN